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momentum the president of the united states throws his support behind same- sex marriage. >>> as maryland pushes to keep it out of the state. what this could mean for voters come november. >>> hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter, here's what people are talking about tonight. >> president obama takes a stern stand on same-sex marriage. maryland has a petition to put the marriage equality law on the ballot. >> reporter: after years of saying his stance on same-sex marriage was evolving, president obama becomes the first president in history to come out for same-sex marriage. >> it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> reporter: it comes days after north carolina votes to make marriage between a man and a woman. those against it tell wjz they are now close enough to getting the signatures they need to put the issue on the november ballot. >> for the thousands of voting citizens that are writing their names on these petitions we don't plan on losing. >> reporter: mccoy with the marriage alliance dismisses a new
in new york thanked the government for bringing him to the united states, the blind activist was an outspoken critic of the forced abortion policy. he will study law at new york university. >>> the naacp voted to endorse same sex marriage. the group publicly agrees with president obama. they signed in maryland a law to putting it on the on blot. >>> a business venture designed to help students in two cribbian nations, the creators are linking the power of technology and english classes to change lives. >> reporter: lindsay jay sobs' laptop is linked to the students, he teaches english or spanish speakers and the students are thousands of miles away in haiti and the dominican republic. last year, he teamed up with a close friend to create this. the dominican republic has jobs in tourism, but only for english speakers. paul is from haiti. he says after the 2010 earthquake devastated his country, rebuilding is show. many people there go to the dominican remember. i friend net teaches customer service and english speaking jobs. >> sometimes i dream of a new job. >> they started t
with the united states to release a maryland man in prison for spying. >> the big demand the cuban government is making in exchange. >>> hello, everyone. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the world's most influential leaders appealed to the cuban government to release gross. he could be allowed to come home to his family in maryland, but there is a catch. we're live and we have a new message from cuban leaders tonight. >> reporter: wjz has been following this story for more than two years. now a cuban official is asking the u.s. to come to the table. for two and a half years, international aid worker allen gross sits in a cuban prison cell. the baltimore native is accused of being a spy, sentenced to 15 years behind bars for smuggling illegal communications equipment into cuba. now a cuban official indicates the country may be willing to release him. >> we are ready to sit down to talk and to have a negotiation on this mather. >> reporter: gross maintains he came to cuba as an aid worker to bring technology to the cuban, jewish community. they insist he was working for the u
to the united states directly. >> reporter: officials say the cia seized the explosives before the bomber purchased tickets. it's not clear what happened to the suspect. >> what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those who would seek to attack this country. we'll do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> reporter: federal transportation officials say there will be no notable changes this airport security because of this plot. the white house says president obama was made aware of the plot last month. >> thank you. the tsa says the bomb did not contain metal and could have slipped through metal detectors without being noticed. >>> a dangerous weapon in one person's luggage. they spotted the 9-millimeter glock yesterday. he forgot the gun was still in his carry on bag, but he was still arrested. >>> in a video released, he begs president obama to comply with his kidnapper's demands and keep him from being killed. >> reporter: not seen or heard from in 9 months, he surfaced pleading to president obama to save him. >> if you accept
from jenin to the united states was stopped just in time by the cia, and now we are learning how the agency got its hands on the sophisticated underwear bomb the terrorist plan to use. the would-be suicide bomber was working as an informant and turns the device over two intelligence officers as soon as he got it. >> congressman roethlisberger is ranking members of the house intelligence committee. he tells mary bubala that this operation is a victory in the fight against terror. >> we were able to get the information about who the suicide bomber was going to be, the type of bomb. we were able to get it. >> officials say the device had all the hallmarks of the 2009 and 2010 attempts to hide explosives and toner. the most recent bomb did not contain metallic parts and could have done through airport detectors. >> fbi agents at on the go plan to build a copy of the device then blow it up to learn just how describe -- at just how destructive it would be. >> of the informant turned over the bomb and is reportedly out of yemen and safe tonight. >> security guards stop a dangerous weapo
,776 feet. making it the tallest building in the united states. right now the tallest building in the u.s. is chicago's former sears tower. mary bubala, wjz news. >> workers are still added more floors to one world trade center. they already have 90 floors completed. >>> two carjacking suspects cause a commotion tonight. sky high chopper 13 shows us a stolen suv after it crashed on fredrick road. police tell us two men stole the suv and lost control as police followed them. officers caught both men after they tried to run away. >>> well caught on tape, a protester pinned to the ground then pepper sprayed by baltimore police. activists call it police brutality but the department says it was doing its job. wjz is live, megan mccorkel has more on the officers response. >> reporter: police say that man failed to follow instructions when he was ordered to get out of the street and on to the sidewalk. but activists say police took it too far. >> chaos breaks out at a protest in east baltimore. this you tube video shows police pinning a man to the ground. >> he grabbed me and then proceeded
of the united states. the next weather maker for us, some cloud activity in texas. a front over the frontal plains. this slowly, very slowly moving off to the east and northeast. i think by sunday night, there'll be some clouds. maybe a shower in far western maryland. i think you will see a scattered shower or thundershower monday. a better chance tuesday, even wednesday are picking up additional rain across the region. here comes some warmer air tomorrow we'll probably get up close to 80 degrees. today we're in the low 70s. sunday, still a warm day with some more clouds late in the day as i said, but eventually this low is going to approach the region with warm air riding over the cooler air. we do expect to see at least a chance of shower activity continuing monday into wednesday. we could see some decent rain amounts in some locations. so the winds tomorrow becoming southwest. but very light winds. the day temp around 62. tonight then clear, down in the mid-low 40s, probably 52 downtown. tomorrow sunny all day long, a really beautiful day. back up to 80 degrees in the afternoon. average
that afghanistan has a friend, a partner, in the united states. >> then on the anniversary of the night he announced bin laden's death, he addressed the nation from afghanistan. >> i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer that's absolutely required for national security. we must finish the job we started in afghanistan. >> here at home, a concern grows with a possible terror threat to coincide with the security, but michael said the scariest threat could be under our noses. >> who is the u.s.'s biggest enemy at this moment? >> frankly, i think it's home grown terrorism. >> airlines are being extra cautious tonight and tomorrow using more scrutiny as they monitor commercial flights into the country. and there is breaking news in afghanistan tonight. we have just received word that three explosions have been heard in the capital city of kabul followed by gunfire, hours after president obama left the country. we'll bring more details as we get them. >>> a dangerous blow off a bridge. officers arrested them when they tried to detonate devices. they are all self-described ana
taxpayers in maryland but in the united states. >> there's the penny and there's the high rollers. we're going to bet a couple of credits, spin it and let's see if i got any luck. yeah, i won 10 bucks. has dozens of electronic games but instead of using chips you actually use your fingers to select the numbers you hope will win. come on. nothing. >> like most casinos there's also a large buffet. so what's different about your buffet? >> the quality of the food, and definitely the quality of the people. i'm proud of everything we're serving here. >> a handful of other upscale restaurants will also open next week and the casino is also creating a lot of jobs. thousands of construction workers and 15,000 employees. >>> and the grand opening of maryland live is june 6th at 10:00 p.m. >>> a colorado man takes a big gamble with his marriage proposal idea. he wanted his fiance to find the ring while digging in the sand on a florida beach. except no one could find where he buried the ring. his fiance said enough is enough. she hired someone to come in and find the ring. two hours later she ha
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9